My Story

I was a Lifeguard… now I’m a Computer Engineer.

The Longer Version

  • I was promoted to Head Lifeguard 🎉
  • The Aquatics Director quit 😱
  • I had to learn about pool chemicals… It was time-consuming ⏳
  • I made the Pool Doctor app to help me, and released it on the App Store 1️⃣
  • That app got old & difficult to support, so I made the Pool Cloud app 2️⃣
  • That app got old & difficult to support, so I’m making the Pool Dash app 3️⃣

Why is PoolDash Better?

Good question… and I have good answers!

  1. It works on both iOS and Android.
  2. It helps you order the cheapest chemicals, straight from
  3. It’s less ambitious than Pool Cloud… I don’t need (or want) to ship private-label pool chemicals.
  4. It’s more modern than Pool Doctor, and supports basic features (cloud-sync).
  5. Users have provided amazing, brutal, useful feedback on my pool apps… for 8 years.
  6. I’m a better Engineer now (I’ve worked for some awesome companies), and I have tons of help from Wade Cosby and Cole Fortson!

John Gazzini

former lifeguard, 10x pool-boy