Best Prices on

You need chemicals to keep your pool healthy. PoolDash finds you the best deal on the right amount of chemicals.

Lowest Price

Most physical stores have a limited selection, and they tend be expensive.

We analyze all of the pool chemicals available on to find the best deal, in terms of price-per-ounce of active-ingredient.

Correct Amount

We don’t do amazing, obscure things with “big data”. We can, however, predict your pool’s chemical needs (usually).

We use data from 1000s of pools to forecast your pool’s chemical needs, to prevent over-buying.

Even on a raw graph, there are obvious trends in our data between volume and amount-of-chemical-used-per-week:

baking soda usage graph

But, we don’t stop there. We only use the best data (from the top 7% of pools) when performing the actual forecast, and then optimize for other parameters (which might include your water-type, location, which pool-care methodology you subscribe to, time-of-year, etc…)

Not For Everyone

We lack the personal touch & instant service that pool-stores provide. I think that only a niche crowd of DIY enthusiasts will find this product useful as-is. I plan to improve & support it over time, and in fact I hope to do this full-time one day.

I would also love to partner with any interested local pool stores to find ways to drive some online business to them.

John Gazzini

former lifeguard, 10x pool-boy