Simplifying the Complexity

We simplify pool care. One challenge that we face is intersecting an exact science (chemistry) with the diverse set of pool-care methods that people subscribe to (where “diverse” is a nice word).

In my first app, I tried to make a single calculator that supported every possible methodology… there were quickly too many variables, which made it too complicated for most users (and certainly too complicated for me).

In my third pool-care app, I personally created a different “recipe” for each methodology… believe it or not, this didn’t scale either, and people have VERY SPECIFIC opinions about the details of each methodology.

So, this time, I’m trying something different (that I hope is truly better): we’re building PoolDash on OpenForm, so that anyone can create & share their own formulas. I’m sure the road will be bumpy, but I think it creates a good experience for everybody.

Other Challenges

Of course, this was not our only problem. There are a number of tedious problems with boring solutions… I won’t discuss these, but I will list them:

  • Chemical products have different concentrations of the same active ingredient
  • 2-in-1 (or worse) Chemical products that couple multiple active ingredients together
  • There is general confusion about whether “6 ounces of X” means by WEIGHT or VOLUME
  • Some people prefer metric units… others prefer the correct ones.

John Gazzini

former lifeguard, 10x pool-boy