App Launching August 14!

Good News! Our brand new pool calculator app is coming this August to both Android and iPhone! In the meantime, you can use our old iPhone apps (good luck!):

Pool Doctor: This is strictly a chemical calculator that I made 8 years ago. It's ugly, but it gets the job done for tens of thousands of people every month.

Pool Cloud: Back in 2015, we tried to make a holistic DIY pool-care app... it was a beautiful app (for its time), but it fell just short of the vision.

... or, if you're really not sure where to start with pool-care, our friends at Swim University have some good advice for beginners, and Trouble Free Pool is great if you really want to learn the ins & outs of pool care.

Let's Partner
We make incredible pool care apps, but that's only 1 part of the equation. We're always on the lookout for service-providers, test-kit manufacturers, or any communities that could benefit from our software. Let's work together to build the future of pool care! Don't be shy, say hi: