Update: Great Things Coming!

I'm building a tool that will find you the best deals online, and create a shopping-cart just for you! In the mean-time, here are some of our past featured products:

A decent pole

Pop quiz: What do brushing, vacumming, and surface-netting all have in common? Answer: You need a great pole to get the job done right!
During my 5 years as a lifeguard, I was constantly cleaning a 12-ft deep pool, and I broke a ton of poles brushing that thing… and it taught me a valuable lesson!
All poles break. They need to be rust-proof, light-weight, extendable, and affordable w/out the budget of a rocketship. So, I’m personally not privy to the fancy-pants patented locking systems or uber-durable materials… just give me a cheap pole & I won’t be heart-broken when the inevitable happens. This week’s featured product is the underwhelming pole we’ve all been waiting for!

Cheap Floating Chlorinator

Floating chlorinators are great. They don’t require as much complex setup or maintenance (compared to other systems), and they’re cheap!
This week’s featured product is the best-value free-floating chlorinator on the market: The Pool Whale!