Featured Product

Pop quiz: What do brushing, vacumming, and surface-netting all have in common? Answer: You need a great pole to get the job done right!

During my 5 years as a lifeguard, I was constantly cleaning a 12-ft deep pool, and I broke a ton of poles brushing that thing… and it taught me a valuable lesson!

All poles break. They need to be rust-proof, light-weight, extendable, and affordable w/out the budget of a rocketship. So, I’m personally not privy to the fancy-pants patented locking systems or uber-durable materials… just give me a cheap pole & I won’t be heart-broken when the inevitable happens. This week’s featured product is the underwhelming pole we’ve all been waiting for!

Chemical Substitutions

Simplifying the Complexity

We simplify pool care. One challenge that we face is intersecting an exact science (chemistry) with the diverse set of pool-care methods that people subscribe to (where “diverse” is a nice word).

In my first app, I tried to make a single calculator that supported every possible methodology… there were quickly too many variables, which made it too complicated for most users (and certainly too complicated for me).

In my third pool-care app, I personally created a different “recipe” for each methodology… believe it or not, this didn’t scale either, and people have VERY SPECIFIC opinions about the details of each methodology.

So, this time, I’m trying something different (that I hope is truly better): we’re building PoolDash on OpenForm, so that anyone can create & share their own formulas. I’m sure the road will be bumpy, but I think it creates a good experience for everybody.

Other Challenges

Of course, this was not our only problem. There are a number of tedious problems with boring solutions… I won’t discuss these, but I will list them:

  • Chemical products have different concentrations of the same active ingredient
  • 2-in-1 (or worse) Chemical products that couple multiple active ingredients together
  • There is general confusion about whether “6 ounces of X” means by WEIGHT or VOLUME
  • Some people prefer metric units… others prefer the correct ones.

Featured Product

Floating chlorinators are great. They don’t require as much complex setup or maintenance (compared to other systems), and they’re cheap!

This week’s featured product is the best-value free-floating chlorinator on the market: The Pool Whale!

We recommend it for anyone who uses DiChlor tablets to sanitize their water!

Save Money

Best Prices on Amazon.com

You need chemicals to keep your pool healthy. PoolDash finds you the best deal on the right amount of chemicals.

Lowest Price

Most physical stores have a limited selection, and they tend be expensive.

We analyze all of the pool chemicals available on Amazon.com to find the best deal, in terms of price-per-ounce of active-ingredient.

Correct Amount

We don’t do amazing, obscure things with “big data”. We can, however, predict your pool’s chemical needs (usually).

We use data from 1000s of pools to forecast your pool’s chemical needs, to prevent over-buying.

Even on a raw graph, there are obvious trends in our data between volume and amount-of-chemical-used-per-week:

baking soda usage graph

But, we don’t stop there. We only use the best data (from the top 7% of pools) when performing the actual forecast, and then optimize for other parameters (which might include your water-type, location, which pool-care methodology you subscribe to, time-of-year, etc…)

Not For Everyone

We lack the personal touch & instant service that pool-stores provide. I think that only a niche crowd of DIY enthusiasts will find this product useful as-is. I plan to improve & support it over time, and in fact I hope to do this full-time one day.

I would also love to partner with any interested local pool stores to find ways to drive some online business to them.


My Story

I was a Lifeguard… now I’m a Computer Engineer.

The Longer Version

  • I was promoted to Head Lifeguard 🎉
  • The Aquatics Director quit 😱
  • I had to learn about pool chemicals… It was time-consuming ⏳
  • I made the Pool Doctor app to help me, and released it on the App Store 1️⃣
  • That app got old & difficult to support, so I made the Pool Cloud app 2️⃣
  • That app got old & difficult to support, so I’m making the Pool Dash app 3️⃣

Why is PoolDash Better?

Good question… and I have good answers!

  1. It works on both iOS and Android.
  2. It helps you order the cheapest chemicals, straight from Amazon.com.
  3. It’s less ambitious than Pool Cloud… I don’t need (or want) to ship private-label pool chemicals.
  4. It’s more modern than Pool Doctor, and supports basic features (cloud-sync).
  5. Users have provided amazing, brutal, useful feedback on my pool apps… for 8 years.
  6. I’m a better Engineer now (I’ve worked for some awesome companies), and I have tons of help!